Men's Workwear & Safety Wear

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Flx & Move™ Stretch Camo Cargo Pants - Limited Edition Bisley Cotton Vertical Logo Tee Flx & Move™ Cotton Outline Print Tee Bisley Cotton Outline Logo Tee
$94.95 RRP
$29.95 RRP
$29.95 RRP
$29.95 RRP
Flx & Move™ Taped Stretch Denim Cargo Cuffed Pants Original Cotton Drill Shirt - Long Sleeve X Taped Hi Vis Detachable Safety Vest X Airflow™ Closed Front Taped Hi Vis Ripstop Shirt
$115.95 RRP
$48.95 RRP
$20.95 RRP
$98.95 RRP
Denim Work Shirt Mens Long Sleeve Denim Work Shirt Chambray Shirt Mens Long Sleeve Chambray Shirt
$50.95 RRP
$54.95 RRP
$48.95 RRP
$50.95 RRP
X Taped Hi Vis Drill Jacket With Liquid Repellent Finish Taped Hi Vis Drill Coverall Flx & Move™ Cotton Tee Cotton Logo Tee
$126.95 RRP
$125.95 RRP
$30.95 RRP
$30.95 RRP

Our Work Wear Clothing - The essentials

Work shirts
The perfect balance between comfortable and formal, Bisley offers a variety of polo shirts, long-sleeved cotton work shirts tailored to both men and women. 

Fleece & Jackets
At Bisley, our jackets, fleece and vest range are available in different designs and colours to meet the requirements of the wearer. Our fleece products are resistant to severe weather. 

Hi-Vis Clothing
An essential safety wear for all those who work in darker environments or at night time. Durable and affordable, our range of hi-visibility vests, jackets and accessories are: 

  • PPE compliant
  • Follows Australian industry standards including; Australian Standard AS/NZS 1906.4.2010, and Australian Standard AS/NZS 4602.1.2011 


Effectively keep dirt and spills from the body, and promote best safety practices for workers with our durable and fire-retardant coveralls. 

Fire hazards are one of the many risks that come with the workplace. While shopping for fire-resistant clothing, ensure to read through our product performance and technical specifications to obtain a better understanding of the level of protection our clothing can provide. 

Wet Weather Wear
If you’re working outdoors, you would have endured Australia’s unpredictable weather systems. If you wear clothes that easily get wet can lead to a negative impact on your work productivity, and comfort. Bisley offers a range of water and wind resistant jackets to suit your needs. 

What workwear do I need?

The workwear clothing that you need the most all depends on the environment and physical demands of your job. 

The importance of choosing the right work clothing cannot be emphasised enough, as the right work wear is responsible for increasing your productivity at work, ensuring that you’re comfortable throughout the day and promoting a safer work environment. Keep in mind not all workwear is created the same. While you may only require casual workwear in some environments, there are some industries wherein safety wear, weather resistant wear and PPE is required, especially in high-risk jobs like construction. 

What is the best workwear?

If you’re looking to shop for the best workwear online it’s important to consider certain factors if you don’t wish to skimp out on quality and most importantly safety. 

Cost: While our Bisley Workwear products are affordable, workwear clothing is not cheap. More often than not, quality is directly related to price. Therefore, you shouldn't hesitate to spend a little more if you're after reliable, long-lasting workwear. 

Safety: It’s imperative while shopping for workwear clothing that you observe the safety features. Ensure that all products are made of materials that encourage your safety without sacrificing your comfort. All workwear should be made in accordance with Australian standards for protective clothing set by relevant authorities.

Testing: Prior to shipping, best-selling workwear suppliers will always send a sample for laboratory testing and approval. Samples are tested for appearance, colour and weight, with all products are screened with a powerful light to localise possible loom errors prior to production. Additional checks are made by the lab to ensure all clothing follows industry standards, and meet certain criteria for safetywear. This guarantees excellent and constant quality. 

How do I know my size?

When it comes to shopping for appropriate workwear clothing, it pays to do some research and know your body shape and size before committing to purchase. As workwear clothing online can vary between brands and silhouette, it’s also important to look into the sizing guide advertised. 

Finding the best size for you also depends on the silhouette and fits offered. At Bisley we provide:

  • Traditional fit clothing - the ease for Traditional Fit shirts is 23cm. (Traditionally bigger in terms of silhouette and casualwear) 
  • Modern fit clothing - the ease for Modern Fit shirts is 19cm. (One size smaller than traditional fit and generally slimmer in the waist and leg)
  • Active fit clothing - The ease for Active Fit shirts is 15cm. (One size small than traditional fit) 

Bisley workwear has a detailed size chart that factors into account your overall height, bust, waist and hips for both men and women. If you are between sizes, we suggest selecting the smaller size, and having someone else measure you for a more accurate measurement. While measuring, ensure the measuring tape is straight and snug, not tight to your body. 

*Please note that Bisley uses different sizing systems for both men and women.