Women's Workwear Short Sleeve Shirts

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Women's Chambray Shirt Women's X Airflow™ Ripstop Shirt
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Styling for Work & Play 

For a fresh new look in your office or corporate wardrobe rotation, try styling one of our darker blue women’s short sleeve work shirts with white fitted ankle pants. Darker is dressier, while a lighter shade looks a little more laid back. You can also opt for black pants with a lighter shirt for a different look with contrast.

For colder weather, wear long sleeve chambray with a brown or navy coat or blazer with black pants for a crisp fall to summer look. Also, consider dressing in a regular weight fabric for an added barrier against the cold.

Flattering, Comfy Fits

When it comes to work, the right fit matters. Tight short sleeves in a women’s work shirt, for instance, can be restricting and distracting. 

As an Australian market leader in specialist workwear, Bisley Workwear has researched, innovated and designed shirts and silhouettes to thoughtfully dress the working woman. With fits that compliment and make comfortable any shape.

Our women’s workwear doesn't just stop at our short sleeve shirts. Shop for pink women’s shirts to bring a pop of colour to your industry. We also sell women’s short sleeve shirts in Australia for new mums still on the job.