Men's FLX & MOVE Pants

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Flx & Move™ Stretch Camo Cargo Pants - Limited Edition Flx & Move™ Stretch Utility Cargo Pants Flx & Move™ Stretch Utility Cargo Pants Flx and Move™ Stretch Denim Cargo Cuffed Pants
$94.95 RRP
$97.95 RRP
$108.95 RRP
$104.95 RRP
Flx & Move™ Taped Stretch Denim Cargo Cuffed Pants Flx and Move™ Taped Stretch Cargo Cuffed Pants Flx and Move™ Stretch Cargo Cuffed Pants Flx & Move™ Stretch Utility Zip Cargo Pants
$115.95 RRP
$115.95 RRP
$104.95 RRP
$122.95 RRP
Flx & Move™ Stretch Pants Flx & Move™ Denim Jean
$102.95 RRP
$120.95 RRP

Stretchable, long life wear

As a tradesman, you want workwear that can put up with all the rough and tumble. Bisley’s FLX and MOVE cuffed pants have been inspired by the goal of comfortable, safety compliant workwear that lets you move. Stretch canvas cotton in our Stretch Cargo Cuffed Pants helps keep you covered for work, across many types of environments, but without the stiffness that often also acts as a distraction. Certified for industrial wear and function, these garments also last longer for uniform that lasts in tough conditions.
That is what makes our FLX & MOVE range, a cult classic.

Bisley’s Flx and Move cuffed pants in camo or denim also can look really good off duty too with a cotton tee, for casual wear off work. Every pair of pants features a curved waistband to prevent gaping in the back.

Kevlar knee patches for abrasion protection

Some of our Bisley’s FLX & MOVE stretch pants, we have designed with Kevlar knee patches to protect your knees from abrasion while you kneel. The double layer knee also helps prevent wear and tear from appearing on the knees of your utility pants, for a garment that stays in good condition longer.

Engineered for excellence

Of course, Bisley’s range of men’s safety wear offers the latest technological features such as static control, sun protection for long days outdoors, and industrial strength to endure through the harsh conditions that tradies often face - and here FLX & MOVE still delivers.
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