Women's Hi Vis Lightweight Pants

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Design details to improve functionality

Bisley comprehends the numerous demands in the construction and industrial development industry. As a result, our lightweight pants for women feature design details from extra pockets, pen-holders, durable contrast stitching to vented crotch gussets- all with the central goal to keep you working productively both on-site and off. In terms of silhouette, our lightweight work pants aren't tailored too narrowly around the leg. This not only increases mobility but promotes better fabric ventilation.

Reliable heavy-duty zippers

No more broken zippers. Our women's work pants are fitted with YKK zippers. Not only are they more resistant to tearing and breaking but are made specifically to withstand recurrent use, dirt and moisture. As a result, they are more long lasting.

Breathable & moisture-wicking fabrics

To promote breathability and comfort, our women's hi vis lightweight pants are made from either polyester/cotton blends or 100% woven cotton drill, lower than 190gsm. If you work in an environment where humidity is commonplace or work outdoors, a pair of breathable lightweight pants are the most practical option to combat sweat, stay dry and keep you cool. Our cotton/poly blend products offer the softness of cotton and the effective evaporative properties of synthetic fabrics.

Visible in lowlight & hazardous conditions

Your safety is our priority, which is why all women’s hi vis lightweight pants are edged with reflective biomotion tape at either the upper or lower pant legs. This ensures that the wearer is kept seen at all times in all types of working conditions including lowlight.