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Flx & Move™ Logo Sleeve Tee Flx & Move™ Stretch Canvas Camo Cargo Short - Limited Edition Flx & Move™ Stretch Camo Cargo Pants - Limited Edition Women's Flx & Move™ Stretch Camo Cargo Pants - Limited Edition
$32.95 RRP
$70.95 RRP
$94.95 RRP
$94.95 RRP
Flx & Move™ 4-Way Stretch Elastic Waist Cargo Short Flx & Move™ 4-Way Stretch Elastic Waist Short Flx & Move™ 4-Way Stretch Zip Cargo Short Flx & Move™ Cotton Outline Print Tee
$73.95 RRP
$62.95 RRP
$96.95 RRP
$29.95 RRP
Flx & Move™ Hi Vis Taped Liquid Repellent Fleece Hoodie Flx & Move™ Liquid Repellent Fleece Hoodie Flx & Move™ puffer Fleece Hooded Jacket Flx & Move™ Recycle Pullover Hoodie
$108.95 RRP
$93.95 RRP
$126.95 RRP
$81.95 RRP
Flx & Move™ Recycle Pullover Hoodie with Print Flx & Move™ Recycle Zip Hoodie Flx & Move™ Soft Shell Jacket Flx & Move™ Soft Shell Vest
$81.95 RRP
$90.95 RRP
$104.95 RRP
$87.95 RRP

Flx & Move resistant lightweight safetywear is available for both Men and Women

Bisley’s Flx & Move updated designs feature Kevlar knee pads for practical protection against gravel and cement for your kneecaps and your clothing when you’re working from the floor. Along with a range of long t-shirts, jackets, shorts and cargo pants that will look great both at and off the job.
Every garment is different, with a range of different levels of sun protection and types of resistances, to give you the best choices for workwear based on how and where you work.

Moveable, Safety Workwear for Men

Industrial functional and certified, offer protective garments like Stretch Canvas Camo Shorts - Limited Edition made with reinforced rivets and Cordura on high-stress areas for durable safety wear in industrial environments. With the rugged, attractive print you can enjoy wearing off the clock.

Our 3-button Henley Tees also give electricians room to move with comfortable clothing in the latest styles, in earthy hues.

Stylish and Comfortable Workwear for Women

Buy Bisley’s flx and move for women. Bisley’s stone beige FLX Move pants with Kevlar knee pads for strong surface protection for your knees and a curved waistband to prevent gaping. FLX Move skorts also provide a great industrial-strength option for women tradespeople who always love a good skirt.

Safety wear that moves

Lightweight safety wear ensures that all your workers can comfortably move and work on the job. To better aid against distraction, to help your workers work more safely and efficiently.
Shop the entire range now, for safety wear that ensures comfort.