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Bisley's Sustainability Vision and Mission Statement

Our vision is to become the most responsible workwear brand.
The Bisley.POSITIVE commitment touches on the positive steps that we can take as a
company to honour the key pillars of our business:
people, planet, product and prosperity.

We are on a mission to become leaders, fulfilling our responsibility
to positively transform our industry, and get the job done, so you can do yours.

  • Sustainability Target Plan
  • Sustainability Statement
  • Sustainability Suppliers
  • Bisley Recycle
  • Modern Slavery
  • Partnerships



Bisley have been shaping the Australian workwear industry for over 60 years.

We pride ourselves on being a big company, built on small company values. As we work to formalise our strategy and roadmap for Bisley.POSITIVE, we have outlined the steps that we have taken to date, to positively transform our business operations to be more responsible.

Ethical Sourcing
2019 / 2020
As a global company, we recognise the responsibility we have for our entire value-chain.

Our efforts this year were focused on establishing a dedicated team to drive our sustainability work, and build the foundations of ethical sourcing within the business through aligning with key experts, training and research and development.
The Commonwealth Modern Slavery Act 2018, was a great catalyst for our team to prioritise and further drive ethical sourcing initiatives across our global value-chain.
  • Formed the Bisley Ethical Sourcing and Sustainability Team (ESST)
  • Engaged Intertek as Ethical Sourcing and Auditing partner
  • Engaged in executive level Ethical Sourcing training
  • Increased diligence in auditing and on boarding across the Bisley value-chain
  • Began formal sustainability roadmapping
  • ESST and design team began R&D initiatives
  • Developed and published Modern Slavery Statement in line with the Commonwealth Modern Slavery Statement Act 2018
Driving commitment to people
and planet through investment
Solidifying our commitment and creating pathways for execution was a key priority this year. Through key stakeholder partnerships, we elevated our ethical sourcing work, transitioned to lower impact alternatives across areas of our operations and product and became signatories to key industry programs.
  • Joined Sedex
  • Tier 1 Vendor Audits SMETA 4 Pillar implemented
  • Accredited vendor base
  • Joined Textile Exchange
  • Joined Business Council for Sustainable development Australia
  • Completed Higg Index 360 environmental assessment
  • Launched 100% Ocean Waste hanger program with Arch & Hook
  • Introduced synthetic recycled fabrications into new ranges
  • Signatory of the WWF Business call for UN Treaty on Plastics
  • Electricity converted to renewable alternatives for Australian & New Zealand warehouse and Head Office
  • OKEO-TEX 100 implemented into industrial fabrications
Our team is focused on driving results, actively working with industry stakeholders to find lower impact solutions across our products and operations.
Bisley.POSITIVE, Circularity,
End of Life product Stewardship
2022 and beyond
  • Bisley.POSITIVE purpose Vision and Mission developed with executive team
  • Low impact and recycled ranges rolled out to market
  • Recycled Buttons from marine pollution in production from mid 2022
  • Building a library of low impact fabrics, and R&D options product team
  • Soft roll out of 100% ocean Pollution recycled poly bags packaging - Pollastic
  • Move all remaining labelling, swing tags, accessories, and trims to recycled product. Removing all Virgin Plastics by 2024
  • Continue stakeholder mapping for end-of-life product stewardship program
  • Bisley.POSITIVE roadmapping in process
  • Working with a sustainability & impact expert to elevate and decentralize our responsible brand, operations, and product work
  • Embedding UN SDG’s into Bisley DNA
Managing Director David Gazal’s

2022 Sustainability

Bisley has been shaping the Australian workwear industry for over 60 years. The development of Bisley.POSITIVE and our program is a testament to our long-standing commitment to continuous improvement to drive excellence.

As a global apparel company, we understand our responsibility to our value-chain partners. We pride ourselves on having long standing and well established relationships our Tier 1 partners and our values and standards are built on these foundations as well as, acknowledged within our signed agreements.

As a result of our dedication, we have joined a number of organisations to improve all aspects of our value supply. We support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and have aligned our business activities and partnerships to the relevant global goals. We have formed a dedicated ESST and we are razor focused on Bisley.POSITIVE Goals. This team actively works towards finding more sustainable solutions and advancements to our value chain.

2022 is a critical year for engagement on sustainability because we can no longer ignore the environmental impact created by the apparel industry, in terms of both production and end- of- life. Our garment production is transitioning towards recycled fabrics, buttons, trims, and threads to reduce Bisley’s environmental impact on the planet. However, the most critical issue that we face as a business is a large-scale sustainable end-of-life solution for workwear and uniform programs.

We are hoping that by working with Australian businesses, Bisley can highlight this issue and collectively find commercial solutions.

The aim is to drive product stewardship within the workwear industry, and commercialise circular solutions.

Bisley.POSITIVE is our commitment to becoming the most responsible workwear company. And we are focused on getting our job done, so you can do yours.

David Gazal

Managing Director


Bisley.POSITIVE is aligned
with 4 core United Nations
sustainable development goals

As a responsible brand on a collective impact journey, we have aligned ourselves to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Each strategic step is aligned iwth a specific goal, and provides us with a unified framework for reporting.

We are currently working with Arch and Hook, the most sustainable hanger manufacturer in the world, to replace all our virgin plastic hangers to 100% Marine waste GRS (Global Recycled Standard) hangers.

With this environmental improvement we also gain knowledge and transparency of our hanger manufacturer. Currently our suppliers source their own hangers, and we have no visibility of the suppliers manufacturing procedures. Arch and Hook is B Corp registered.

As a world leader in Ethical and Sustainable practices, suppling to some of the World’s most recognisable brands, Bisley has confidence that we are making an impact on workers quality of living as well as the environment.

The conservative estimate over 2 years, is converting 38 tonnes of ocean pollution to Bisley hangers. The result of this is 38 tonne of Virgin plastic being saved from production.

Bisley has also partnered with Arch and Hook to produce our buttons manufactured from Marine Waste, again using communities in the poorest nations to assist with lifting them out of poverty. Bisley currently uses over 38 million buttons per year.

The impact of us transitioning to Marine waste recycled buttons is approximately 5.8 tonnes of pollution out of the ocean, resulting in Bisley using 7.26 tonnes less Virgin Plastic every year.

Both the hanger and button programmes clean the world’s oceans and rivers of pollution. Additionally it provides quality of life improvements for the communities working with Arch and Hook.

Another brand enhancement is our partnership with Better Packaging company. In early 2022 we launched Bisley Recycle. All the packaging for this campaign was made by the Better Packaging company Pollastic range.

In 2022 we will begin rolling out garment packaging made from 100% Marine and post-consumer plastics- Better Packaging Company.

Plastic Pollution and Poverty are inextricably linked. Better Packaging supports and employs communities in the world’s poorest and most polluted coastal regions to clean up their beaches and rivers. As a result, the communities are lifted out of poverty and provided with a living wage to collect the plastic.

This has a two fold impact of higher standard of living and cleaner environments for the communities. Better Packaging is block chain verified, B corporation Certified, Certified Carbon free and the programme meets UN Global Sustainable Development goals.

The estimated impact of Bisley 6 monthly order is:

To further validate our ongoing commitment to cleaner oceans and rivers, Bisley has joined the WWF – EMF Business call for a UN treaty on plastic pollution.

As a signatory of the WWF Business call for a UN treaty on plastic pollution Bisley is committed to removing all virgin plastics in our supply chain, packaging, trims, buttons, hangers, zippers, swing tag kimbles and more converting to recycled and sustainable options.

Our hanger, button, packaging and trims initiatives
demonstrates our dedication and commitment to this treaty.

We are working with our suppliers to convert our warehouse pallet wrapping, satchels and tape to biodegradable plastics to further reduce our consumption of virgin plastics.

We anticipate this roll out in late 2022.


Working towards ZERO virgin plastics in our supply chain.


In 2021 Bisley introduced a recycled polyester fabrication to our sustainability journey.
Single-use plastic bottles are collected, keeping them out of our oceans.
They are shredded then melted and spun into yarn.
We use this up cycled yarn to make our durable workwear.

Using recycled polyester lessens our dependence on fossil fuels and keeps plastic bottles out of landfill.

Shop the Recycle range here


Bisley joined Textile Exchange ini March 2021 as part of our commitment to the Sustainable and Ethical supply chain.

Textile Exchange is a global nonprofit that creates leaders in the preferred fiber and materials industry. Textile Exchange develop, manage, and promote a suite of leading industry standards, as well as collect and publish critical industry data and insights that enable brands and retailers to measure, manage, and track their use of preferred fiber and materials.

With a robust membership representing leading brands, retailers, and suppliers, Textile Exchange is positively impacting the climate through accelerating the use of preferred fibers across the global textile industry.

We actively participate on the Hub with industry leaders to gain knowledge to assist us to improve our practices.

With our new Climate+ strategy, Textile Exchange is the driving force for urgent climate action on textile fibre and materials with a goal of 45% reduced CO2 emissions from textile fibre and material production by 2030.

By benchmarking the industry and providing actionable tools for improvement, Textile Exchange is driving a race to the top.


Higg is an integrated software platform that helps consumer goods businesses take responsibility for their entire impact – from materials to products, from factories to stores, across energy, waste, water, and working conditions. Higg unlocks a complete view of a business’ social and environmental impact.

By using the Higg BRM, conscientious businesses can track, measure, and share their sustainability progress with value chain partners, consumers, investors, and other key stakeholders.

Developed by the industry, this trusted assessment helps brands and retailers establish and maintain strong corporate social responsibility strategies and practices that promote the well-being of workers and the planet.

Bisley joined the Higg Index in September 2021 to monitor, track and improve our supply chain Environmental and Social impacts.

Higg has assisted Bisley with identifying arears for improvement year on year, in a clear and trackable format.

Bisley is proud to have received a
silver rating from Ecovadis 2021.

EcoVadis ratings are evidence-based and are validated by a team of experts. EcoVadis assist Bisley to monitor and improve the sustainability performance in our supply chain. Covering four sustainability themes, Environment, Labour and human rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement.

Considered the world’s most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, providing insight into sustainability performances of businesses globally.

Bisley’s Modern

Slavery Statement
and Policy

Bisley Workwear is passionately
committed to ensuring that there are
no instances of Modern Slavery in our
supply chain.

We have submitted a Modern Slavery statement to the Australian Federal Government. We recognise that as a global apparel company, we are responsible for our supply chain and partners working in an Ethical, Legal and Sustainable way.

We have long standing, well established relationships with our supply partners. As a result, we believe that we can work collaboratively with them to ensure that Bisley's values and stipulated standards are not only shared with but also, agreed to by our supply partners.

Bisley has a strong commitment to continually improve the lives of the people who manufacture our products. Our commitment to the Modern Slavery Act throughout our supply chain and domestic operations is a priority for Bisley. We have spent the last 12 months reviewing and recalibrating how to a address modern slave in our supply chain, and auditing.

In addition, we have joined a number of ethically based and environmentally focused NGO's and organisations as part of our ongoing commitments.

Our intention is to be completely open and transparent in relation to
our supply chain and we intend to share this with our consumers.

Download Bisley's Modern Slavery Statement


with Suppliers

Reporting and Auditing
Our factories are SMETA (SEDEX) four pillar audited. This audit methodology covers four key topics: Labour, Health and Safety, Environment, and Business Ethics.

This is the most comprehensive social auditing methodology currently in practice. We work with our independent auditor Intertek to conduct the audits to ensure we have full transparency and assurance of authenticity. We share this information with our customers and suppliers who are members of Sedex.

As our manufacturing supply partners are Sedex members, joining Sedex has elevated their factory practices, improved Business Ethics, and better conditions of the factory workers as a result.

Bisley can provide access to our customers to view and assess our supply chain via the Sedex platform for transparency and compliance of Modern Slavery and Ethical sourcing assurance.

In addition, we partner with Sedex Consultancy to assist us with navigating international legislation. Sedex Consultancy has helped us frame, understand and write our Australian Modern Slavery Statement.

Our strong partnership is international in scope and we are working collectively to improve our sustainability profile.


Reporting and Auditing - SMETA 4 Pillar
Bisley joined SEDEX in March 2021 as part of our transition to better transparency of our supply and value chain. Our factories commenced SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit).

Sedex is a membership organisation that provides one of the world’s leading online platforms for companies to manage and improve working conditions in global supply chains. We provide practical tools, services, and a community network to help companies improve their responsible and sustainable business practices, and source responsibly

Bisley utilise the Sedex platform as a learning and training tool, as well as for complete supply chain transparency, reporting and record keeping.

Bisley engages with Intertek International – a renowned, independent auditing company – to conduct all our SMETA 4 Pillar audits on international factories.

Intertek are an approved affiliate auditor of Sedex, which means that they have gone through rigorous training to ensure SMETA audits are carried out to the highest standard. We have chosen to work with Intertek to ensure that the audits we request are consistent in quality and approach, and that the results and corrective action plans (CAPs) we receive are independently verified. Intertek encourage the use of SMETA audit methodology – which Bisley adopted – to ensure that all audits are as thorough as possible.


Bisley Staff Training and Commitment to Ethical Business Goals
Bisley is embarking on its journey to become a Brand Of The Future©, formalising a strategy that empowers everyone within a community to become sustainability champions within their own right, and drive the business towards Bisley.POSITIVE.

To ensure that our business practices are world standard, we offer elective training programmes providing all staff with the skills to elevate their career opportunities in the future.

The Bisley senior management team identified that we need ongoing and consistent training programmes in our business.

Our training platform will educate our team members on business ethics- such as price fixing, corruption, modern slavery, collusion and fraud- as well as, acceptable workplace behaviour, anti-bullying, sexual harassment, diversity and age inclusion.

In March 2021 Bisley joined BSCD Australia to collaborate with like-minded industry leaders towards a more sustainable future.

The Business Council for Sustainable Development Australia (BCSD Australia) is the national peak body representing forward-thinking companies and organisations that are working towards the transition to a sustainable Australia. The BCSD’s mission is to accelerate this transition by making sustainable business more successful.

BCSD Australia are the Australian partner of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

Members believe that by integrating social and environmental impacts with financial results, business lowers its risk profile, makes better decisions, and creates the solutions needed to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.

Bisley is an active member and participates in multiple working groups to improve our environmental practices. BCSD Australia provide essential and critical knowledge and guidance on an ongoing basis.


Giving Back

Bisley’s Corporate Social Responsibility
Bisley has been a committed partner and supporter of the
National Breast Cancer foundation since 2014.

Bisley has raised over $400,000 since 2014 and will continue
supporting this important foundation into the future.
Bisley has a long-standing partnership with Tour De
Cure. We have been sponsoring and providing support
uniforms since 2011.

Bisley is dedicated to this charity and will continue to
support them in the future.


Contact our Ethical Sourcing & Sustainability Team at

Download Bisley's Modern Slavery Statement