Men's Hi Vis Safety Wear Vests

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H Taped Hi Vis Vest Taped 5 In 1 Rain Jacket Taped Hi Vis Safety Zip Vest X Taped Hi Vis Detachable Safety Vest
$15.95 RRP
$169.95 RRP
$21.95 RRP
$20.95 RRP
Taped Hi Vis Rail Wet Weather Vest Taped Hi Vis Reversible Puffer Vest Taped Hi Vis Puffer Vest with X Back Taped Hi Vis Puffer Vest
$73.95 RRP
$86.95 RRP
$108.95 RRP
$109.95 RRP
Taped Hi Vis Soft Shell Vest Taped X Back Hi Vis Vest Hi Vis Vest
$79.95 RRP
$15.95 RRP
$10.95 RRP

Our men's hi vis vests are made tough to withstand all the different conditions of work that tradies like you face everyday. 

So whether you are a rail worker, labourer on a construction site, electrician or work elsewhere, you can find industry compliant safety vests AS/NZS4501.2 that suit your every need. 

  • For the Rain - Wet weather mens safety vests to stay dry in the rain, and for fast drying afterwards
  • For the Sun -  If you’re working in the heat, our men hi vis vest with 50 UPC are effective at blocking out of 98% rays of the sun
  • For the Cold - Our men hi vis vests are also available as a puffer or softshell vest for added warmth in the colder months
  • For Work With Electricity - Anti static mens safety vests that reduce shock are ideal for anyone working where static electricity may be involved
  • For Day & Night - We stock mens hi vest online for both day & night, compliant with AS/NZS 4601.1:2011/Admdt2:2020
  • For Work to Play - Reversible vests that turn from a hi vis vest to black make the perfect outerwear to go from the worksite to hanging out with your mates

Bisley sells the best men’s hi vis vest to fill the high visibility needs of every industry. For almost 60 years we have been supplying high quality men’s hi vis vests across Australia, for electricians, rail workers, construction workers, contractors and other tradesmen. With different taped vest styles and fluorescent colours in our wide range to create the best contrast and recognisability out of any low light environment.