Men's Hi Vis Reversible Vests

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Taped 5 In 1 Rain Jacket Taped Hi Vis Reversible Puffer Vest
$169.95 RRP
$86.95 RRP

Reversible hi vis vests online gives you the option of switching from taped vest wear to comply with the visibility safety requirements of your workplace. Then back to a stylish black puffer vest later for warmth, when those requirements are no longer there. 

  • Water Resistant - Our reversible hi vis vests are fully seamed with PU coated 100% polyester oxford, a waterproof fabric, to help keep you dry during rainy weather.
  • Sun Protection - With an UPC rating of 50, our hi vis reversible vests will block out 98% of rays from reaching you.
  • Day & Night - The reflective tape and coloured design of our reversible hi vis vests comply with all industry standards for day and night use AS/NZS 4601.1:2011/Admdt2:2020/
  • Durability - Heavy duty quilted design and two-way zipper.

Understanding what colour to select

Yellow or orange, hi vis reversible vests that you purchase with us are always made to the highest quality standards. For a great general purpose reversible hi vis vest, yellow vests make an ideal choice for their fluorescent brightness. However orange hi vis reversible vests also have a strong place in the industry. Orange vests create better contrast against green and brown environments to keep workers visible, as well as to indicate ‘caution’ on the road. 

Bisley - Leaders in Safety Workwear

Bisley Workwear has become a market leader for nearly 60 years, when it comes to supplying the high visibility safety garments for day & night. Which is why you can trust us to supply you with the best reversible hi vis vest. 

We have designed and crafted a range of different hi vis safety vests to fit all the different types of needs that may rise on a worksite. Including frost protection, shock protection, and added insulation layers to keep you comfortable, no matter where you work.