Men's Hi Vis Lightweight Pants

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Recycle Taped Biomotion Cargo Work Pant Recycle Taped Biomotion Pant Taped Biomotion Cool Lightweight Utility Pants Taped Biomotion Track Pants
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Taped Cool Vented Lightweight Cargo Pants TenCate Tecasafe® Plus 580 Taped Lightweight FR Pants
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$200.95 RRP

Workwear to wear during the summertime

Our hi vis lightweight pants are the perfect base for building your summer on-site uniform. The hi vis lightweight pant pairs perfectly with any of our hi vis lightweight shirts, for a complete professional work uniform. If you’re looking for something a little more casual, the hi vis lightweight pants are also designed to be worn with any of our Hi Vis Polos & Tees. 

Hi vis denim pants are a 100% cotton alternative that while feeling thicker, offer the same amount of air ventilation with wear. They are a great substitute for the men’s hi vis lightweight pants when you're looking for something a little thicker to wear. 

Pants to wear during the wintertime

While hi vis lightweight pants are an amazing summer workwear staple, some tradies may look to wear something a little thicker in the cooler months. A great option is our men’s hi vis regular weight pants.

This range has a few more styles to choose from and is a go-to for year-round workwear. On the other hand, our Hi Vis FLX & MOVE pants are perfect for tradies looking for a little added stretch and movement in their work pants.