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Stretch Cotton Drill Short Short Flx & Move™ Stretch Short Mens Rugby Short
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Why Choose Our Men’s Short Shorts?

Finding the right workwear is crucial for comfort and functionality, especially for tradies working in diverse environments. Bisley Workwear offers a range of men's short shorts designed with these needs in mind. Here's why our male short shorts stand out:

  • Comfort and Mobility: Our FLX & MOVE shorts range is designed with stretch canvas in key areas to offer freedom of movement. This design choice ensures you stay comfortable, whether you're working on-site or enjoying your time off.
  • Built to Last: Durability is a key feature of Bisley products. Our collection is made to withstand the demands of both work and outdoor activities, providing reliable tradie shorts.
  • Ease of Pairing: The design of our male short shorts makes them easy to pair with various shirts from our men's workwear range. This versatility ensures they effortlessly blend for a cohesive look.
  • Sizing for Every Tradie: We offer an extensive range of sizes to accommodate various body types. To help you find the perfect fit, we provide a detailed sizing chart. Getting the right size increases the longevity of your shorts, making them a long-term addition to your wardrobe.

With Bisley, you're choosing workwear that supports your daily needs with a commitment to quality. Our commitment ensures that each pair of shorts serves as a versatile component of your wardrobe, capable of adapting to various settings and tasks.

Features of Our Men’s Work Short Shorts

For tradies, the right shorts can make all the difference. That's why we focus on creating workwear that's not only durable but also maximises your comfort and flexibility on the job. Explore the key features that make our shorts a must-have for any hard-working professional.

  • Breathable Fabrics for All-Day Comfort: Our shorts are crafted from breathable fabrics that promote air circulation, reducing heat and moisture buildup. This feature is especially beneficial in Australia’s warm climate, keeping you cool and comfortable during long work days.
  • Curved Waistband for a Perfect Fit: A thoughtfully designed waistband that contours to your body and prevents any discomfort or gaping, offering a secure and snug fit. This attention to fit highlights our commitment to comfort in every garment.
  • Ample Storage Options: Equipped with a mix of angled side pockets, back patch pockets, and a dedicated coin pocket, our shorts provide practical and accessible storage for all your essentials. This design ensures that tools and personal items are always within reach, enhancing your workday productivity.
  • Durable Components for Longevity: Features such as the YKK zipper not only add to the functionality but also ensure the durability of our shorts. Such components are selected for their ability to withstand daily wear and tear, making our shorts a reliable choice for every tradie.
  • Optimised In-Leg Lengths for Versatility: With in-leg lengths tailored to balance movement and coverage, our shorts cater to various preferences and activities. Whether you're on the job or enjoying downtime, the right length enhances both comfort and practicality.

With these features, our shorts are designed to meet the demands of any job, ensuring you stay mobile and productive. 

Styling Guide for Our Men's Short Shorts

The Stretch Cotton Drill Short Shorts

The Stretch Cotton Drill Shorts range is designed to adapt to any workwear ensemble, complementing various top colours and ensuring a professional look. For the stone colour shorts, opt for a crisp white or bright-coloured work shirt. For the navy option, it can be effortlessly styled with a grey or bright orange work shirt, offering a sharp contrast that’s both practical and stylish.

Khaki shorts lend themselves well to classic earth tones or a simple black work shirt, ensuring a grounded and professional appearance. The black colour option is the ultimate all-rounder.

Complete the look with durable steel-toe boots, which are essential for safety and support across all environments, and a robust utility belt to keep your tools within reach. Each colour of the shorts serves as a solid foundation for building a work-ready wardrobe that doesn’t compromise on style or function.

The FLX & MOVE™ Stretch Shorts

Bisley's FLX & MOVE Shorts are the perfect combination of practicality and polished style for the modern tradie. These shorts are available in three colours, khaki, charcoal and black.

The charcoal option serves as a versatile midpoint that accommodates a wide array of shirt colours. A high-visibility work shirt in a bright hue like orange creates a striking contrast against the charcoal, making for a combination that’s as stylish as it is safety-conscious. For a more toned-down aesthetic, a light grey shirt pairs well, offering a subtle, yet refined look.

For the darker selections, their durability combined with the colour's natural resistance to showing dirt makes them an exceptionally practical choice for heavy-duty work.

Men’s Rugby Shorts

The Men's Rugby Shorts range in navy is designed for tradies who require a combination of mobility, comfort, and a professional appearance. This versatile option pairs perfectly with a range of tops for a variety of settings.

For a job that requires a neat but casual look, these shorts can be paired with a fitted, breathable cotton polo in a light grey shade to provide a contrast that is visually appealing yet work-appropriate. 

For your day off, these navy shorts can be styled with a relaxed graphic tee or a casual, solid-colour V-neck for an easy-going look suitable for running errands or unwinding with friends and family. The shorts also match well with a lightweight, button-up chambray shirt, bridging the gap between workwear ruggedness and casual, everyday wear.

Finish the ensemble with comfortable, slip-resistant trainers or work boots, depending on the day's tasks. A leather or canvas belt can add both functionality and a touch of personal style. The Men's Rugby Shorts range is crafted not just for the job site but also to ensure tradies have a go-to option that adapts to the various aspects of their active lifestyle.

Shop Our Men's Short Shorts Today!

Elevate your workwear with Bisley Workwear AU's range of men's short shorts. Our collection offers the perfect combination of premium quality, exceptional comfort, and contemporary style. 

For more information or assistance, please call us at 1300 247 539. Feel free to visit our website to explore our comprehensive catalogue and locate a stockist near you. Whether you're on the job or navigating the weekend, our men's short shorts are crafted to keep you comfortable and stylish in any setting.