Men's Hi Vis Taped Vests

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H Taped Hi Vis Vest Taped 5 In 1 Rain Jacket Taped Hi Vis Safety Zip Vest X Taped Hi Vis Detachable Safety Vest
$15.95 RRP
$169.95 RRP
$21.95 RRP
$20.95 RRP
Taped Hi Vis Rail Wet Weather Vest Taped Hi Vis Puffer Vest with X Back Taped Hi Vis Puffer Vest Taped Hi Vis Soft Shell Vest
$73.95 RRP
$108.95 RRP
$109.95 RRP
$79.95 RRP
Taped X Back Hi Vis Vest
$15.95 RRP

Preventing Accidents at Work

Our high visibility garments such as our hi vis vests with reflective tape are designedto be easy to see in high-risk environments; particularly at low light. The highly reflective tape in each hi vis vest is created with glass beads or prisms that reflect back light when shone at. Whether from cars, machines or street lights. Meaning, motorists or machinery operators can easily spot you and slow down. 

It’s why vis safety vests with reflective tapes for the night are ideal, and our hi vis vests without reflective tape are reserved as safety garments for day use. 

Protection From The Elements

Not only does our hi vis vests with reflective tape keep you dry; at Bisley, we create our high visibility safety garments with added features to shield you against the weather.

  • Cold Weather Garments - Our hi vis vests with reflective tape are designed to keep you warm through freezing temperatures. Find warmth with a taped hi vis soft shell vest for compact lightweight comfort, or with a hi vis puffer vest. 
  • 50 UPC - Ultraviolet protection that cuts 98% of the sun rays that could pass through your vest.
  • Showerproof - In wet weather, stay more dry than wet with a vest designed to handle light showers with waterproof fabric.
  • Day & Night - We sell hi vis vests with reflective tape that are suitable in the industry for both day and night (AS/NZS 4601.1:2011/Admdt2:2020/).