Men's Denim Workwear Pants

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Original Denim Work Jeans Original Stretch Denim Work Jeans Rough Rider Stretch Denim Jean Rough Rider Denim Jean
$54.95 RRP
$72.95 RRP
$72.95 RRP
$54.95 RRP
FR Denim Jean Flx & Move™ Denim Jean
$175.95 RRP
$120.95 RRP

Why do men’s stretch pants need industry features?

Industry features are needed in almost all Bisley workwear, to keep your clothes protected from abrasion and tearing resistance. Cordura fabrication reinforcements are what makes Bisley men’s stretch work pants the best men's work stretch cargo pants around.

Working on your knees, taking tools in-and-out of pockets, and putting sharp or abrasive materials into your pockets can often wear down fabrics over time. For long-lasting performance and to increase the lifetime of your men’s stretch pants, look for products with Cordura reinforcements. 

What industry features is used to protect my knees?

For workwear designed to be as tough as you are, we created the strongest knee patches on the market: with Kevlar. Known for industrial uses like bulletproof vests, motorcycle racing gear, ropes and cables with cut resistant gloves, Kevlar was built into the Bisley Stretch work pants range, so you never wear through the knees of your pants again.