Men's Hi Vis Safety Wear

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3M Taped Hi Vis Two Tone Micromesh Polo Shirt - Short Sleeve Bisley Recycle Taped Biomotion Cargo Work Pant Bisley Recycle Taped Biomotion Pant Bisley Recycle Taped Two Tone Hi Vis Drill Shirt
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Bisley Recycle X Taped Hi Vis Drill Shirt Flx & Move™ Stretch Utility Cargo Pants H Taped Hi Vis Vest Hi Vis Liquid Repellent Fleece Hoodie
$75.95 RRP
$108.95 RRP
$15.95 RRP
$93.95 RRP
Original Taped Stretch Denim Work Jeans Taped 5 In 1 Rain Jacket Taped Biomotion Stretch Cotton Drill Elastic Waist Cargo Work Pant Taped Biomotion Track Pants
$79.95 RRP
$169.95 RRP
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Taped Cool Lightweight Drill Shirt Taped hi Vis 1/4 Zip Pullover Taped Hi Vis Cool Lightweight Shirt Taped Hi Vis Long Rain Coat
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From $71.95 RRP
$64.95 RRP

Why Choose Bisley Workwear

Bisley Workwear has shaped the specialist workwear apparel industry for over 60+ years. Knowing the ins-and-outs of the PPE and hi vis clothing industry has allowed us to ensure our products are of quality make and long-lasting. 

We care about your safety, day and night. Our design process is intense, sourcing only the best materials and partnering with brands that share our values for quality and optimal customer service. Bisley Workwear also uses the biggest and most-trustworthy testing laboratories to develop its garment ranges, whether it’s winter wear or a simple polo shirt. 

At Bisley Workwear, our team stands by quality customer service and integrity and ensures all garments are in compliance with Australia’s industry-standards for and protective hi vis workwear for men and women.

What does Hi Vis mean?

High visibility clothing is sometimes shortened to hi vis or hi viz. Hi vis clothing refers to any garment that is highly luminescent in its natural matt property, or easily discernible from any background. Hi vis clothing is usually worn on the torso and arm area of the body (like a vest or jacket).


What do hi vis Colours mean?

The following colours in hi vis workwear mean the following:

Orange offers the best visibility against almost any background, especially industrial greys, whites and natural greens. Whether it is day or night, oranges are the most visible and the closest to red. In trade settings, the colour orange means “caution-proceed carefully”. 

Meanwhile, both fluorescent yellow high visibility PPE creates a strong contrast against dark greys and black. Fluorescent yellow is the brightest colour on the chromatic scale and the most widely worn shade, the colour orange is associated with construction and roadside work. Orange also has a stronger position in identifying people while driving in the dark. 


Is Hi Vis PPE?

In construction, industrial or other work environments, employees are required to wear high visibility clothing as a part of their personal protective equipment (PPE).

Work-related injuries and fatalities are common due to low visibility. For work personnel on the road, it’s crucial to be visible during the daytime and night. Recent years, requirements on wearing fluorescent and reflective clothing have become a part of daily work. 

Wearing hi vis clothing helps lower accidents relating to poor vision. Due to the bright colour and reflective properties used in these clothing items, drivers have a higher chance to avoid hitting workers while on the road.


What is the best high visibility colour?

When it comes to external work environments, the best high visibility colours for hi vis clothing in Australia are orange followed by yellow (sometimes known as lime). The two colours offer the best visibility against almost any background colour and are the most reflective at night- especially natural greens, greys, blacks and whites. 

*According to AUSTRALIAN STANDARD AS/NZS 1906.4.2010