Men's FLX & MOVE Workwear Shirts

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Flx & Move™ Logo Sleeve Tee Flx & Move™ Mechanical Stretch Shirt Flx & Move™ Mechanical Stretch Shirt Flx & Move™ Utility Work Shirt
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$83.95 RRP
$93.95 RRP
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Flx & Move™ Utility Work Shirt Flx & Move™ Work Shirt
$90.95 RRP
$43.95 RRP

Where can I buy the FLX & MOVE range?

You can purchase any FLX & MOVE product with Click & Collect direct from the Bisley Workwear website. You’ll be able to pick up your newest purchase from your nearest Bisley Workwear Stockist. If you’d like to try before you buy, you can head directly to your nearest Bisley Workwear stockist and check out their selection of the FLX & MOVE range. 

To find your nearest Bisley Stockist click HERE!

How do I know if a product is a part of the FLX & MOVE range?

On every FLX & MOVE product, you’ll see the signature FLX & MOVE logo. For all bottoms, the logo is visible at the inside waistband or on the side of the left or right leg. For all Shirts, the logo is visible on the inside tag and for all Tees, a small tab on the bottom seam and inside tag is where it is located.