Men's Hi Vis FLX & MOVE Shirts

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Flx & Move™ Hi Vis Utility Shirt Flx & Move™ X Taped Hi Vis Utility Shirt Flx & Move™ X Taped Hi Vis Utility Shirt
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What should I wear to work in the sun?

When working outside or in direct sunlight as most tradesmen and women do, it is essential that your workwear and safety wear keep your skin protected from harmful UV rays. SPF-rated workwear and safety wear are specifically designed to block UV rays and keep your sun safe.

All Bisley safety wear will keep you sun safe when working. The Hi Vis FLX & MOVE Shirts have a sun protection rating of 40, so you’re guaranteed to be sun safe when working in FLX & MOVE

What should you look for in sun-protective Hi Vis Shirts?

You should look for workwear and safety wear that has an excellent sun protection rating, static control materials, and some form of cool lightweight ventilation. 

Aside from the Hi Vis FLX & MOVE range, the X Airflow range is another workwear range that is bound to keep you comfortable and safe while working in the sun.