Women's Workwear FLX & MOVE Pants

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Women's Flx & Move™ Cargo Pants Women's Flx & Move™ Jegging Women's Flx & Move™ Shield Panel Pants Women's Flx & Move™ Stretch Camo Cargo Pants - Limited Edition
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How are FLX & MOVE Pants the best?

The entire FLX & MOVE range has a focus on extreme stretch and movement when on site. The Bisley design and production team has taken into consideration nearly every circumstance Tradie ladies face when working in a high pace tough environment, whether it comes from bending, stretching or climbing. 

This not only makes the Women’s FLX & MOVE Pants the very best workwear pants in Australia and New Zealand, but a very comfortable and functional piece. Trialled and tested these FLX & MOVE pants are built to last even the toughest of jobs. 

What sizes does the FLX & MOVE range come in?

Like all other Women’s Regular Weight and Lightweight Pants, the FLX & MOVE Pants for Women are available in sizes 6-24. We recommend sizing down as they are generous stretchable pants, designed to fit the shape of your body. 

For more sizing information, you can see our size guide here!