Women's Workwear Short Shorts

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Women's Flx & Move™ 4-Way Stretch Elastic Waist Short Women's Flx & Move™ Short Short
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Why Choose Bisley Workwear AU for Women's Workwear Short Shorts

Bisley Workwear AU offers a range of women's short shorts that epitomise resilience, flexibility, and style. Our commitment to quality and functionality is evident in every stitch and seam.

We recognise that workwear for women needs to be more than just durable. It needs to accommodate a wide range of movements, provide comfort for long hours, and reflect a sense of personal style. With Bisley Workwear AU, you're embracing a workwear solution that understands the requirements of hardworking women.

Key Features of Our Women's Short Shorts

Stretch-designed for Ultimate Comfort

The most iconic women's work shorts in the Australian and New Zealand workwear market is the Bisley Workwear Women’s Short Short range. A stretch-focused design is at the heart of this popular collection, offering comfort and mobility to match the dynamic nature of your workday. Our collection exemplifies this approach with its thoughtful design and material choice.

This stretch feature allows the shorts to accommodate a wide range of movements, making them a perfect fit for active work environments where flexibility and comfort are key.

Perfect 4-Inch Inseam Length

Our short shorts feature a 4-inch inseam to ensure a comfortable and suitable fit. This length provides the right balance between ease of movement and adequate coverage, making them ideal for various trades and activities. The 4-inch inseam not only offers functionality but also adds a stylish, contemporary look, ensuring you're comfortable, professional, and ready for any task.

Premium Material: 97% Cotton and 3% Spandex Canvas

Our shorts are crafted from a blend of 97% cotton and 3% spandex canvas. The use of cotton guarantees breathability and softness, making them ideal for long hours of wear in various work conditions.

The added spandex enhances the fabric's elasticity, allowing the shorts to stretch and move with your body, ensuring that your movement is never restricted. The use of spandex canvas also contributes to the retention of the shorts' shape over time, ensuring they remain a staple in your workwear collection for longer. This combination of materials results in a robust yet comfortable garment to endure the demands of physical work.

Cordura Reinforcements for Long-Lasting Wear

To enhance durability and ensure long-lasting wear, our shorts, similar to the Women’s Skort range, feature Cordura reinforcements at high-stress points. This robust material, renowned for its resistance to tears, scuffs, and abrasions, ensures that our shorts can withstand the daily demands of various work environments.

The use of Cordura fabric, made from a blend of 97% Nylon and a lightweight 3% Cordura Spandex 250gsm, is strategically placed to offer extra protection where it's most needed. Our collection is proven to resist tearing or ripping, even with daily wear.

Safety and Quality Assurance

Comparing Cargo Shorts vs. Short Shorts for Safety

Both our women's cargo work shorts and women’s short shorts are designed with a focus on safety and comfort for on-site work. Regardless of their length, each style provides essential safety features like reinforced stitching and secure pockets to protect your essentials while working. Whether you choose our women’s short shorts or cargo shorts, you're assured of wearing safe and comfortable workwear.

Compliance with AUS/NZ Industry Standards

All our products are industry-certified and comply with Australian and New Zealand industry standards for workwear. This compliance ensures that you are safe and protected in the workplace. Our commitment to meeting these standards is reflected in every piece of our workwear collection, assuring both quality and safety. If your work involves high-risk environments or specific safety requirements, we also offer a Women’s Hi-Vis Safety wear range, designed to meet additional safety needs.

Ideal Occupations and Uses

Preferred Choice for Tradeswomen (Chippys):

The Bisley Women's Flex and Move short shorts are favoured by tradeswomen, especially carpenters ('chippys'), for their durability, comfort, and style. Ideal for the physical demands of carpentry, these shorts offer freedom of movement while maintaining a professional look. It's why they are a top choice for women in the trade.

Perfect for Labourers:

Labourers value our shorts for their robust construction and comfort. Designed for long hours of labour-intensive work, they provide a durable and comfortable fit, making them an essential part of a labourer's work attire.

Great for Home Renovation Enthusiasts:

Home renovation enthusiasts appreciate our shorts for their functional and stylish design. Perfect for hands-on renovation work, they offer the needed flexibility and durability, making them ideal for renovation projects.

Shop Our Women’s Short Shorts Today!

Upgrade your work attire with the stylish and practical range of women's short shorts from Bisley Workwear AU. Delve into our collection online or locate a stockist near you. Should you require any assistance or have queries, our dedicated team is available to help you at 1300 247 539

What fabric are the women’s short shorts?

The entire range of women’s Short Short range is made from 97% Cotton and lightweight 3% Spandex Canvas of 280gsm. Just like the Women’s Skort range, these women’s short shorts have the iconic Cordura reinforcements at high-stress points. Meaning that these Short Shorts are proven to not tear or rip with daily wear. The Cordura reinforcements are made from 97% Nylon and a lightweight 3% Cordura Spandex 250gsm. 

Are cargo shorts safer than short shorts?

Both the cargo shorts and short shorts are safe and comfortable workwear pieces that you can wear on site. No one is safer than the other based on their length. The short shorts is an industry certified workwear piece and complies with all AUS/NZ industry standards. If your specific trade involves a high-risk environment or specific requirements, we recommend checking out the Women’s Hi-Vis Safety wear range. 

All women’s workwear shorts are perfect for Chippy's, Labourers and people looking for home renovation styles.