Men's Workwear Cargo Shorts

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Flx & Move™ 4-Way Stretch Elastic Waist Cargo Short Flx & Move™ Stretch Canvas Camo Cargo Short - Limited Edition Flx and Move™ Stretch Denim Zip Cargo Shorts Stretch Cotton Drill Cargo Short
$73.95 RRP
$70.95 RRP
$83.95 RRP
$56.95 RRP
Stretch Cotton Elastic Waist Cargo Short Painters Contrast Cargo Short Flx & Move™ Stretch Utility Zip Cargo Short Flx & Move™ Stretch Cargo Short
$54.95 RRP
$85.95 RRP
$79.95 RRP
$84.95 RRP
X Airflow™ Ripstop Vented Work Short Cool Vented Lightweight Cargo Short Cool Lightweight Utility Short Original 8 Pocket Cargo Short
$73.95 RRP
$61.95 RRP
$42.95 RRP
$48.95 RRP
Original Cotton Drill Work Short
$39.95 RRP

Does Bisley have different cargo short lengths?

We have a handful of different lengths and styles for our men’s cargo shorts. From knee to mid-thigh and short shorts, there is a cargo short length perfect for every tradies style.

What different styles of cargo shorts does Bisley have?

We have a wide range of different cargo styles. At Bisley, we have lightweight, utility shorts, FLX & MOVE, Stretch, traditional 8 pocket, painters whites, X Airflow and original cotton drill cargo shorts. All our men’s cargo shorts are designed with the everyday tasks of tradies in mind. So, we have ensured that the right number of pockets, belt loops, waistband fit, and industrial-strength technology is included in each pair of men’s cargo shorts. That is what makes us the best workwear brand for men’s cargo shorts. 

How do men’s cargo shorts fit?

Traditional men’s cargo shorts have a traditional structured fit on the body, while FLX & MOVE and other ventilated and stretchy cargo shorts have a more active design and fit. At Bisley, we’ve made sure that there is a style and fit perfect for every man. No shorts should be restrictive, too tight or uncomfortable to wear while working. 

For the perfect fit, we recommend shopping for your regular short size, taking into consideration how you would like your new cargo shorts to look and feel while wearing them. For more sizing information, visit our size guide.