Men's Workwear Soft Shell Vests

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Soft Shell Vest
$69.95 RRP

What is soft shell fabric?

Soft shell is a versatile piece of clothing that’s suitable for outdoor-related work and activities. It is instantly recognisable featuring either a soft stretch-woven or membrane fabric outer in contrast to the stiffer hard shell of waterproof rain jackets. 

Soft shell vests versus lined vests

Unlike a lined puffer jacket or reversible vest, our men’s soft shell vests do not feature a lining. Instead, they are manufactured by bonding two layers of fabric together, one durable outer and a cosy warmth-retaining fleece inner. This creates less water resistance, protection from the wind and moisture-wicking keeping you dry and comfy throughout the day. When conditions are particularly cold and you need something a bit more robust than a fleece jumper, this style of the vest can give you that extra warmth while freeing your arms to give you freedom of movement if conducting physically demanding tasks. 

Why shop at Bisley Workwear

Designed and made by Australians for Australians, Bisley Workwear is the country’s number one online retailer for men and women’s premium-quality workwear. We have curated a collection of comfortable vests made in quality materials designed to put your unique job requirements of on-site work at the forefront without sacrificing comfort and style. With practical details including chin guard zipper stoppers, bonded zipper seams and a breathable showerproof membrane, Bisley is dedicated to keeping you fully equipped and comfortable no matter the seasons or working conditions.