Women's Hi Vis Regular Weight Shirts

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Womens Taped Hi Vis Stretch Closed Front Shirt Womens TenCate Tecasafe® Plus Taped Two Tone Hi Vis FR Closed Front Shirt With Concealed Front Placket- Long Sleeve Women's X Airflow™ Taped Hi Vis Ripstop shirt Women's X Airflow™ Taped Hi Vis Ripstop Shirt
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Women's Taped Hi Vis Drill Shirt Women's Hi Vis Drill Shirt TenCate Tecasafe® Plus 700 Women's Taped Hi Vis FR Vented Shirt
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What is the best regular weight shirt for you?

Whether you opt for our women’s regular weight pink shirt or yellow shirt, the best way to find the best regular weight shirt for you is by looking at the weight of the fabric, or GSM (Grams per square metre). At Bisley, all products are made from premium quality cotton and boast a ‘heavier’ GSM compared to the standard t-shirt. 

While finding the GSM tag on clothing isn’t always easy, Bisley Workwear will always outline the weight of our garments in the product description- rest assured that we put quality and comfort above all else. 

Our regular weight shirts are anywhere from 155 - 200gsm, and manufactured from the breathable woven cotton drill, or cotton/blends. This ensures the longevity of wear while keeping the wearer comfortable and cool throughout the working day. Our regular weight women’s shirts are the most versatile in extreme weather conditions. 

Bear in mind, while you want your regular weight shirts to fit well, you don’t want to compromise on breathability or comfort. Depending on how active you are in your line of work, opt for the natural fabric to prevent sweating, and skin irritation from occurring. 

Colours and styles to choose from. 

From classic orange and navy colourways to fluorescent yellow, Bisley workwear prides itself on fully adhering to Australia’s highest standards of safety. This means whatever women’s regular weight shirt you choose is always fully compliant with AS/NZS 4601.1:2011/Admdt2:2020 standards of visibility in Australia. 

All of our products are fitted with highly reflective biomotion tape. This allows all wearers to be seen by retroreflected light in the darkness, or in working conditions with relevant high risk and hazardous situations.